Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

What in the Holy Living Fuck is this Shit?®

So, I am out of the hospital, and to make this easier for me at this fine hour, I will separate the major events of the past week-odd chunk of time into "good news/bad news", starting with the more traditional bad news:

Bad News

Upon leaving the hospital, I discovered (from the voicemail on the cell that I had almost had disconnected), that all of my bills have not been paid. Not that I didn't pay them - I did - just that, for whatever reason, the money didn't make it to them. My Apple Loan is, apparently, two months payment due; my cellphone bill (which is billed automatically to my credit card), was not paid. Kaos, I hope to fucking God that our bills are okay. As far as I can tell, this stems back to there being $600 in my Wells-Fargo account mysteriously in July (which nobody had noticed until I brought it to their attention), and coming out of the hospital the last time (in St Paul, not Park Falls) to discover that none of my cards worked and my account would only give me $20 from an ATM and has not (until fucking TODAY) been able to do anything except accept deposits. And the people at Wells Fargo, mighty stagecoach-driving motherfuckers that they are, can find NO REASON for any of this, but all the money is gone. Please refer to title a second time.

My brothers are going in for surgery this Friday. It's day surgery - pylonital(sp?) cysts, for some reason. I'm waiting to see how that goes.

Good News

Since I started going to the hospital in early July for small bowel obstructions, this is it. It's over 0 they found the problem. There was a diverticulum attached to my intestine - if a my intestine is a pipe, this is like a another pipe attached at a T-junction. Diverticuli have a tendency to get inflamed (stopping peristalsis, how food moves through your intestine) or act as a failure point for mechanical obstructions (i.e. that fibery crap that has always given me a small bowel obstruction - carrots and peanut butter, stir-fried vegetables, raw pineapple, etc.). So, after about a month and a half of hospital stays interrupted by LIVING, it appears that I am out of the woods. I am also on Percocet = happy, since Percocet doesn't permit too many more diverse emotions. My surgical scar is also healing well.

The depositions for our case about The Accident® are over- they happened in Madison today. Not surprisingly, the guy for the other side (who is the only one asking questions until the end), was one of the biggest assholes I've ever met in my life. Apparently, my Mom says that of all the children, he was the hardest on me, for 2 reasons-

1, I was in the passenger seat when the accident occurred, and so had the best vantage point in the whole car to see the lights he insists existed that night, though there were none.
2. He had complete access to all of my psychological records, and thought I would fold like a house of cards. Well, fuck you buddy! This is, of course, the same guy who referred to playing with his grandchildren as "2 billable hours [he'll] never get back." What a cocksucking prick.

Also, if you get a chance, we are many and opinionated - they have not even begun - Select the 100 Most Influential Books of the 20th Century

And if you haven't noticed, I'm a little pissed-off. I'll talk about it tomorrow.

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