Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Now it's time for our favorite game - guess the author!

But when they had come within five or six million light-blocks of the Black Wastes, they began to hear rumors of some robber-giant who called himself The PHT Pirate. No one they spoke to had actually seen him, nor knew what "PHT" was supposed to mean. Trurl thought this might be a distortion of "pH," which would indicate an ionic pirate with a high concentration and very base, but Klaupacious, more level-headed, preferred to refrain from entertaining such hypotheses.

. . .

Of flaming jungles of combustion and mysterious vortices there was not a sign, nor had anyone ever heard of them, for the desolate waste was a place of tedium, and tedious in the extreme, by virtue of the fact that it was desolate, and a waste.

. . .

"I have no use," suddenly said the face, turning its thousand glittering eyes on Trurl, "for gold or silver, and the way you have to talk to me is delicately and with respect, as I am a pirate with a Ph.D., well-educated and by nature extremely high-strung . . . "

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