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In Other Movie News

The Jackal was on last night, and at gnfnrf's urging, I read Roger Ebert's review. Here is the most choice selection:

There was never a moment in The Jackal where I had the slightest confidence in the expertise of the characters. The Jackal strikes me as the kind of overachiever who, assigned to kill a mosquito, would purchase contraband insecticides from Iraq and bring them into the United States by hot air balloon, distilling his drinking water from clouds and shooting birds for food.

In other movie news,  Uwe Boll, infamous for House of the Dead, will be fucking the corpse of another PC game franchise with the release of Alone in the Dark. There is a teaser trailer available, in which the narrator really needs to stop reading the newspaper and yell "FATALITY" at the end. Apparently, Mr. Boll isn't going to be anywhere near satisfied until he's done Bloodrayne and Far Cry as well. He also has a tendency to not really care about these movies (it seems), which his Q & A only elucidates more [/.].

In vulture news, developers air guitar to Megadeth. [/.]  Big surprise there, kids. But it's not as funny as this story, which is only funny for how wretched it all turned out. Those of you with text message capability and a wandering willie, take note.

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