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Weekend re-cap

The wedding on Saturday was interesting - it was a lovely service, with a homily by one of our church's former pastors (who is also a professor at Concordia). It was weird to go to the wedding of somebody you were once very close to (and have not said more than ten words to in six years) and meet the person they decided to marry (after turning him down 5 times [?]) who you have never met before. We have nothing in common much anymore, besides the basic human things and our history, and I was very much in the furthest-back of the audience (not likely to say more than the reception-line congratulations).

Most of the people there would probably not like to hear what I've been up to since I left the church, both figuratively and literally. But it's also not that I think they're wrong - I think my church at home had it better than most churches I've heard about.

It was a promise I made a long time ago, to be there at her wedding, and I don't regret it - I just don't understand why I did it. I don't understand what I'm supposed to come away from it with. That and the usual post-wedding depression that I usually have, and it wasn't that great a weekend, since I'm also trying to quit smoking.

I've gone almost a week, with a couple stumbles. It's just FYI, not laying down the law - I think I have the will to do this long haul, but I may take breaks from it to keep myself sane. I'm patching, but this may be the wrong week for it - test equipment keeps breaking down at work with the new hardware changes, and I wasted more than half my day in the lab because of two bad calibrations and a messed-up bootloader.

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