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24 June 2004 @ 12:18 pm
RIAA Still Lying, Two-faced Bitches - Librarians must Deal  
"In a stunning display of poetic justice, the RIAA will be forced to drink hemlock for the Ashcroftian crime of 'corruption of innocents'."

I wish the headline read like that, but unfortunately this is an actual story of lameness, and not a funny made-up one. Forced to settle in their latest anti-trust lawsuit, the RIAA is donating inventory to public school systems. Included in this first delivery (to the public school system of Washington state) were the following CD's:

--- 387 copies of Big Punisher
--- 356 copis of Barry White, "Staying Power"
--- 114 copies of Meredith Brooks' "Blurring the Edges" (includes "B!tch")
--- 1,355 copies of Whitney Houston singing "The Star-Spangled Banner"
--- 48 copies of "Scary Sounds for Halloween" from Martha Stewart
--- 35 copies of the Bee Gees "This is Where I Came In."
--- 310 copies of Will Smith, "Willenium"
--- Nine copies of Yanni, "In the Mirror"
--- quote, "a lot of Gregorian Chants."

The majority of the CD's were marked "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY", and can not be re-sold. Administrators are dumbfounded about what they should do with the numerous titles with "Explicit Lyrics" warning stickers.

On-site reporter garcia had the following to say:

They could use the Big Pun CDs as part of English class and how not to speak. Classics such as “N1gg@ S--t”, “You Was Wrong”, and “Off Wit His Head” are excellent examples of poor grammar. So it’s obvious that the RIAA was thinking about our school children there. The Spooky Scary soundtrack can be used to frighten children away from prison. “Listen to Martha screaming as she is tackled by larger more ‘friendly’ inmates!” Again, point for the RIAA."