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08 August 2002 @ 06:47 pm
So, I'm back in Wisconsin again. I hate this computer - this Windows ME piece of crap. Anyway, some updates -

  1. I'm probably having my laproscopic surgery done in the next couple of days - it all depends when I can be fit into my doctor's schedule.

  2. My dance set for this fall is almost done(about 90%) - about 3 months ahead of time. My capstone isn't getting anywhere near to done.

  3. Nobody I know lives here (in Park Falls) anymore.

  4. I've been copying all (and I mean ALL) of my rough notes for my writing into a little black book. This takes up most of my time while I'm waiting for the Good Doctor.

  5. I saw Signs at my home theater. I have no idea what to think of it - I need input.

  6. I miss everybody a lot.

So, I hope things are going well in your respective corners of the world - I'll be back to my usual self as soon as I can.

So long, Space Cowboy . . .
Life is but a dream -
You'll carry that weight.
lord and master of the broken childrenavatarofchaos on August 8th, 2002 11:24 pm (UTC)
laproscopic surgery
what what i all too vividly remeber from haveing surgery much like that, get some heat pack for the muscle pain. well, mostly for the sholder pain by-product, but yeah. heal
Hillarysusanofstohelit on August 9th, 2002 12:27 am (UTC)
you're back to mac in 3 weeks, right? I'm debating if I'm going to host a housewarming party for myself and mandy. something to think on, I guess.

I miss talking to you too. feel better!
Oυτις: Nobodyerragal on August 9th, 2002 01:38 am (UTC)
Hey, I've never even been to Park Falls.

We miss you here as well.
XCorvisxcorvis on August 9th, 2002 11:50 am (UTC)
Sniff the wood chips for me. :)