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Blargh! BLARGH!

So, this cold is still hitting me pretty hard, although it seems to level off by about 5 or so every day. Almost all of the moving is done - I have a few things to return to the old place, and a few things to bring back. No big deal - less than half a car-load, by my reckoning.

Still no internet access for me at home (until I crimp/test some Cat5 cables), so here's some stuff I found for today-

I think this takeoff of the The Princess Bride is the funniest take on the SCO case I've ever seen, and is only rivalled by the Eminem parody. [Graciously snagged from ESR's "No Secrets" page]

It troubles me greatly that the abbreviation for Mandrake Linux is MDK. Or maybe I'm the only one who remembers Demolition Man.

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