April 6th, 2008

It's Not Lupus

Well, not doing that again

Today at Caribou I ran into a woman I knew from Revolution St. Clair. We probably haven't seen each other in three or four years. I saw her through the window, and felt that I recognized her. I sort of tilted my head in that way you do when the world doesn't quite make sense. When I get inside, our conversation goes like this:

Her (mock confused): Hey, do I know you from somewhere?
Me (matter of factly): Nicole, right?
Her(perplexed): Um, yes?
Me (matter of factly): I used to live in your building. We smoked outside together sometimes.
Her (calmer): Yeah. Do you still live there?
Me (feeling insightful): Nope. Hey, you're engaged, aren't you?
*** incredibly uncomfortable silence, as she is not wearing a ring ***
Her (how the hell do you know that?): Um, yes?
Me (embarrased): Good for you. Seeya.

On the one hand - yay insight!
On the other hand? I was totally a creepy dude, and will not be sharing those sorts of insights with people anytime in the near future
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