December 22nd, 2005

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Happy Holidays

Let us all now sing
Our praises to the Lord today
Although you may not share
Our belief system
Which is perfectly OK

Maybe you worship an abstract being
That is kind of vague
Or maybe you just
Worship a guy
Whose name is Greg

Perhaps your religion doesn't
Include a time called Lent
But whatever your religion is
We support you one hundred percent.

So sit around the fire
And have a chestnut roast,
Or raise a glass in toast
To "Happy Days" Donny Most.

But if you prefer to eat
Indian food on Christmas day
I can only shrug my shoulders
And say "Namaste" (Namaste!)

Personally I prefer,
Turkey, gravy and salad
But lets never forget
All cultures are valid.

So let's have peace on earth
And cut out all the bull.
Let's have a holiday season
That's multi-cultural.

If there's one point
We'd like to make
With this festive holiday song,
It's that Christmas comes just once a year
So for a few days
For crying out loud
Can't we all just get along?

Title: "Merry Christmas, If That's OK"
Artist: The Satellite of Love Singers
Album: Songs from Some Guys In Space (Mystery Science Theater 3000 Sdtrk)
Dark Garden

One last thing

From Bruce Schneier's Blog - How much high explosive does any one person need? About 400 pounds150 pounds of C-4, 250 pounds of thin sheet explosives, and 2500 detonators were professionally stolen from bunkers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where there were no guards and no security cameras. It is the second theft in two years.

With the vast amount of money the US Govt. has spent on homeland security, how did "make explosives storage bunkers at least as safe as a fucking 7-11" not make it onto our list of security  priorities?
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