November 11th, 2005

Audio Levels

Spontaneous Human Locomotion

Gamer Dance This Weekend in the Beautiful and Spacious
10K Basement of
Dupre Hall at  Macalester College,
St Paul, MN, USA, Earth

DJ Palpitate (calypsomatic) 10 - 11 PM
DJ Illusion (drowdancer) 11 - 12 PM
DJ RX (discoflamingo [otherwise known as me]) 12 PM - 1AM

Please come if you can - it promises to be fun. See? See me promise the fun?

The theme for my set is "Duality" - in this case, the duality of metal and techno.

Let me rephrase: I am a dork.

If you are on the MGS mailing list, I trust that you don't need a reminder :-/
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