August 8th, 2005

Audio Levels

Plots, Various and Sundry

1. Pazaak can probably be played with one deck (minus face cards) for dealing, and each player using their own deck of cards for their draw deck (using diamonds and spades as +/-, clubs are -, hearts are +). Not a revolutionary thought, but I'm thinking about trying it out sometime soon.

2. There is still a place that sells old-school keyboards. Clicky-super-tactile keyboards sound pretty cool to me.

3. You could probably make a higher-powered PipBoy 2000 with one of these (they're going for $99 right now), a plastice enclosure, and some artistic integrity. I haven't thought a lot about the screen or the input devices necessary, but then again, I only came up with this one.

4. Hey! The computer that my last set is on finally fucking works!

5. The phrase "It's time to be immortal, because heroes never die" doesn't make any damn sense.
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    Megadeth - "Blood of Heroes"