May 24th, 2005



The jet-lag I thought I was experiencing is actually some kind of head-cold/sore-throat thing, accompanied by mild fever. The depressive bouts and cloudy judgment I thought were the result of not taking my medication were actually just the way I was feeling.

I guess I think a lot of things, and that seems to be my problem lately. I have too many projects left open, but will (hopefully) soon have enough time to work them.

I visited two stores that I had never been to before when I was in Irvine - a Fry's and an Ikea. A Fry's is like Best Buy + Radio Shack + NewEgg - it was amazingly awesome (I'm not used to full-service electronics stores, and it's a shame they're only out West). Everything I knew about Ikea I learned from Fight Club, so I was a little biased going in on my first visit. While I'm not entirely up on their corporate philosophy, they seem Lawful Neutral on the Corporate Alignment Scale™. Your input would be appreciated - they seem to have some awesome stuff, but I'm big on corporate responsibility now.

seiryu_16: The VO guy you need to hear is Keith Szarabajka. Probably can't get him for Taxi Driver, but his voice is awesome.

"In a moment, it will be time to execute Rock Concert Movement Number 3: The Up and Down Jumping Motion.

Here are your instructions:

Step 1: Bend your knees, and then jump into the air.
Step 2: Let gravity bring you back down, and upon landing, rock your head forward.
Step 3: Repeat.

Ready? Go!"
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