May 9th, 2005

Robot Cowboy Angel

Let me 'splain - no, there is too much, let me sum up.

Cahoot's is fast becoming a second home. I think I was there four nights this last week, and the non-smoking area has done wonders for my second-hand wellness. I'm still smoking on my own, but I aim to change that in the near future. Highlights include the cribbage game with maerchen that lasted a total of six rounds - it was insanely high scoring, and lots of fun.

Yesterday was full of tired and work; aside from that, there was laundry, some Halo 2 (for which I must increase my tolerance of assholes, since they get under my skin far too easily), and KOTOR. No, I've never played KOTOR before, and it really is quite enjoyable. I promise I will not pretend to inject myself in the leg when I use medpacs, and hopefully no injuries will result. My head is no longer fuzzy with indecision and lack of useful key-using powers, so I trust the sleep has been kind to me.

I have really been enjoying Martin's Dungeon Bash - it's a very fun roguelike. I got several hours of it in over this last week when I was not hacking Python for work.

In other news, today is not gunn's birthday. Yesterday was also not gunn's birthday. I'm pretty sure it's tomorrow, but I can't be absolutely sure unless I receive some kind of sign.