April 25th, 2005

For Science!

Random Collections

For zombie slayers of all stripes, an informative website: www.zombiehunters.org - "We Make Dead Things Deader". Also, the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. (Mostly ganked from a K5 article on How to Survive a Zombie Attack, which was lackluster in depth, scope, and execution)

K5 also has an impressive collection of reviews of Sin City: most of the good ones are not the linked article, but rather the reviews in the form of comments. There is also a surprisingly diverse chorus of dissent and appreciation, often mixed.

For Mal: Shamans and Robots: Bridging the Past and Future of Ethnobotany and Bioprospecting [/.]

And can anybody shed any light on the 2006 production dates of movies for The Watchmen and Iron Man? Did I miss a meeting or something? Are these things actually languishing in production hell, or are they being breathed life? And why is David Hayter a seemingly automatic choice for these people as a scriptwriter?