December 8th, 2004

The Wandering Age

Arts long lost, a Machine that knows "What Art Is", and Security

The art of safecracking is slowly dying - this page covers the history of safecracking pretty extensively, including the safecracker and professional criminal who was the inspiration for Dr. Moriarty. The site is set up by an engineer/cartoonist who has a number of interesting side-projects, like a machine that determines if an object is art. (there's an explanatory page which is worth reading for the collection of cartoons about art alone)  He also has some tips on how to cheat at art, and a poster of an enormous water clock that reminds me of something  Moffatt would probably like.

Schneier also had links to a fish that threatened national security (Osama Fin Laden) and a way to beat airport identity screeners. You can read his blog here.