December 6th, 2004

Wonderfalls Flamingos

It's funny. Laugh.

Dorky, dorky jokes.

"They've got these Raider guys that are essentially the Cannon Fodder of Time, jackhole pincushions there explicitly for you to puncture. They're mean or whatever, but they don't turn into crows or explode which makes them fairly mundane by Warrior Within standards. The problem with these guys is their voices, which are hilarious, and not grim. You can't feel tough when you cut these guys. Halo has those little grunts, and I guess I'm supposed to feel like a bad-ass when I destroy them but I actually just feel like an asshole. They both seem like races that just fell in with the wrong crowd. What they need are compelling after school activities, not death. "
--- Tycho, "On Discomfort"