November 10th, 2004

Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys

"Halo 2 : The Gathering" This Evening

There will be a massive gathering for Halo 2 multiplayer at the apartment shared by myself and gnfnrf. Do not arrive earlier than 6:00 PM unless you are helping setup or gnfnrf says otherwise (he should be arriving late afternoon after work, and likely making a post by 4:00). We have cleaning and arranging that needs to happen to accomodate the addition of the third television.

Having played it a little last night, let me just say that the energy sword is the most bad-ass melee weapon I've used in a first person shooter (of course, I haven't used the lightsaber in any of the Star Wars games). The timing of the instant kill strike is going to become very important.

There are many changes to know before we start killing each other, and I'm sure we'll repeat them several times over the course of the evening:
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Also, the game is fucking bad-ass.