October 7th, 2004

Wonderfalls Flamingos


1. I bought a newish used car. 2001 Toyota Corolla SE, silver. Took most of the day, and I have to insure it tomorrow.

2. I sold Frank, Car of the Future™for more than $1. Suck it, elfdope.

3. I'm quitting KoL - some of y'all got stuff, and it's because you done helped me a bunch. I'm not done selling and distributing, but the clan should get most of the stuff, and I will appoint somebody to deal with meat. I will do this by giving it to them (That's ridiculous - it's not even funny).

4. I'm talkin' Southern because I'm readin' The Dark Tower. I actually told somebody I din't mean to bother him none, thank'ya. The English major within is cringing and laughing, like some kind of cringing, laughing thing.


5. masui has learned to get the hate on for lazy undergrads, and I love her for it. Well, for other things too, but this thing is new.

6. My paternal grandmother is likely to die in the next 48 hours, and I haven't decided how to feel about that. Mostly, I feel okay in the interior, but bad for feeling okay exterior to the inside feeling. She has some time to make her peace, and she likely will. In this way, I see her passing as a part of the natural order, and her life as having reached completion. I have no intention to dwell on the act of her death, but rather that she meets her end well.

All in all, I'm feeling uncomfortably light-headed.

EDIT: Time has been adjusted for reality, and comments enabled. Turns out I have nothing to add.
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