August 15th, 2004

El Flamingo

Die Fringe Die (The Fringe, The)

I only made it to one Fringe show this year - Agog. It was entirely awesome, and if it wasn't the last presentation of it this year, I'd tell you to see it. I think it stands as a shining example of many great things that edgy spoken word performance can be, and I look forward to seeing the performers next year. I don't think that will be hard, seeing as how Eli will almost certainly memorize the previous sentence remind me on weekends on holidays that I have made a theatrical blood-oath to attend related events next year. At least, I'm counting on it.

Side Effects: This means I've finally seen puffpastry perform, and half_double wants to hire me for my laugh. I know some people who would like to kill me for my laugh, but the compliment is well-received, and will be passed on to my mother and my former drama coaches, who (respectively) gave me the laugh and taught me to project.