June 4th, 2004


Things I've learned lately

I learned yesterday that gravity is not constant at every point on Earth, which puts that whole -9.8m/s constant thing to rest. Now there's something inside me twitching at dangerous speeds.

I also had my first class on export control yesterday, seeing as how work is related to that whole inertial navigation thing (which becomes that whole "guiding a missile" thing, at the federal level). I can't talk about anything to a foreign national (even with an export license), without sheets in triplicate and mounds of records (and  so forth). I'm not really surprised, but it makes me wonder how scientific information in the avionics field ever gets through to the international community.

I also learned that there are actually good movies out in theaters now - the new Harry Potter, Chronicles of Riddick, etc. I may actually have a reason to go to the theater - I still haven't seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and I'm sure that there are others people would recommend. I haven't seen a movie since Hellboy.

People go on about lists of books they should read - I think you can count on some more book reviews in the near future.
Wonderfalls Flamingos

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The moving will commence without mercy, as soon as the pre-moving dinner and the pre-moving Steam Cleaner of Lordly Might have been acquired.
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In answer to some previous comments, yes, I could use some help moving. Right now, it's just me, my brother Mike, Mom, and gnfnrf. If you're interested in helping move Saturday (otherwise known as "today", in some time zones), leave a comment here before 11:00 AM CST. There is a large variety of things to move, not all of it heavy - although most of it is books.

I've sort of run into an impasse w.r.t. the smoking - I don't have the energy to focus on quitting right now, but I'm really starting to feel the impact healthwise (which is common after having succeeded in quitting for a time). It's like a fun-filled trip through Tantalus-land, and my lungs are the Monorail.

I'm going to sleep, to be rested for the move. I've been cranky and tired all week, and I'd like to avoid the family model of men movers tomorrow.