February 16th, 2004

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Lexan Lexan Roly-Poly Lexan

So I've been thinking about how to get the "god! this is made out of plastic" smell out of my Nalgene bottle (and my two GE Lexan/Eddi Bauer bottles, which are smaller and less imposing). I decided to ask my friend, The Internet for help:

I found the ordinary recommendations from NALGENE itself. Basically, keep washing it - maybe it will come out. If I owned a dishwasher, I'd use it - but I don't.

This seemed helpful enough, until I scrolled to the bottom, and discovered an order form for sheets of Lexan. I don't know what I'd do with 4'x8' sheets of Lexan, but I'm thinking about it now . . .

So, elfdope, Chemistry Guru - what did you explain to me to do while I was almost too tired to think on Saturday?

Also, you Nalgene peoples - any tips or recommendations on getting the smell out?