January 18th, 2004

Wonderfalls Flamingos

Tech Transitions, Big Fish

Today is a day for building my chair, doing laundry, organizing bookmarks, and trying out Linux 2.6.1. To prepare for the inevitable struggle with advanced technology, I have bookmarked the current 59 tabs of webpages I'm reading, and will get back to them as soon as is humanly possible.

I saw Big Fish last night. Cam has told me before that there are movies that just have something about them that is rare to see since when we were kids. This is such a movie. In many ways, it is a story about telling stories - a son who wants to reconcile the facts with the fiction about his father's tall-tale-telling life, as his father is dying of cancer. I'll leave the details up to you to discover, since it is a movie that must be seen to be truly understood.

Let it be said - Ewan McGregor still has it, Helena Bonham Carter still has it, and Tim Burton is one of the greatest directors on Earth. This is the first movie I can recall seeing by him that is not "trademark Burton creepy". It was simply amazing.

See y'all when the computer is ready to go back up.
Totally Ferret

Tech Blech, Threat Levels, Movies that Tease

2.6.1 isn't happening today - it's happening tomorrow, after I figure out how the hell to even compile it without symbol table problems. I'm guessing I righteous screwed something with the way modules are linked via portage, but it can wait for a while - this fucking time skew problem (combined with the new gcc release, the secured 2.4 release, and the mozilla 1.6 release) make it almost entirely worth re-compiling and re-installing. It's also keeping my back-ups on their toes. It's also pissing me off that I have heard no music for the last three days except in my car, but that's another issue entirely.

I found some terror/threat/bogeyman level web scripts surfing WWDN. They come in Sesame Street and Wonka/Skittles Ashcroft. Wil also deserves bonus geek cred for the phrase will save vs. irritated wife.

This led me (don't ask how) to Lost in Translation, a film I have not seen, and am hesitant about seeing. Films about lonely people are not high on my lists of things to see right now, and that's all I know about it.

Speaking of movies, I saw a few trailers over at Cam's today that impressed me nigh without limit. Specifically, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, while only a teaser, makes the I, Robot teaser look pretty pathetic by comparison (although gnfnrf has already voiced his dissent in this regard). Hell Boy could be good, bad, or just poorly marketed. Man on Fire still looks damn fine. Worth browsing if you have the inclination and the bandwidth.

Making the End Time "Happy Times"