January 6th, 2004


El Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos

It's the day of Epiphany; or the 12th day of christmas; or, most importantly, Margaret's birthday.

Of all the people I've known, Margaret is probably the most instrumental in making sure that I'm still here today. While growing up was really hard to do, (as it is for anyone) I took it harder than most people. I cared too much about the world, and how evil I thought it was. And Margaret showed me how it could be different, through lots of little things.

She was there for me when I wanted to let it all go, and I can't say that I'd be here today without her.

And I know that wherever she is right now, she knows that I still think of her, and I know she's doing God's work.

Margarest, may the peace (which passes all understanding) dwell in and strengthen your heart, until time everlasting, forever and ever, world without end,

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Totally Ferret

A good day for Slashdot

If I could have this engraved on a plaque on my wall without my mom looking at it and dying, I would:

My position on the behavior of The SCO Group is that they're a bunch of lying fuckweasels who deserve nothing less than a forcible sodomization with a diamond-grit-encrusted Louisville Slugger wielded by SEC Chairman Bill Donaldson himself. (/. comment) from this article about SCO

The Bobby Fischer of Go surfaces on the Internet. Also, it gets an award for "most fucked-up /. article title ever".

Celebrate 15 Years of Nethack.

Also, Our Favorite Man With The Plan, Tycho, rails in Paynian fashion on one of the lamest stories to come crawling out of the NY Post (shitty little rag that it is). If you read nothing else today, read this.

Also? This should be fun.
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