December 31st, 2003


Doc Hits You with the Beginning of the End of 2003

Item 1: I have a tradition of collecting old and now-unimportant things to me from the previous year and disposing of them in a conscientous manner. If you collect books, CD's, office supplies, home furnishings, or pseudo-gadgets, look to this page. Bruce Lee has an impressive quote about this habit, which I am unable to fit into the margin of this page.

Item 2: I have yet to make my "most memorable"/"best of" lists for this year. Tomorrow will be all about that.

Item 3: I have New Year's Resolutions. I intend them to be more enforceable than, say, UN resolutions. Look forward to them. Look Forward, I say!

Item 4: I am so bringing Jameson, rum, cider, and my guitar to the New Year's party tonight. Consider yourselves forewarned, as the following code fragment illustrates:

if ((DocMode == "drunk") && acousticGuitar.available())
then (DocMode.transition("Revelry"))

While Sr. elfdope will not be available for back-up vocals, I'm sure there are plenty of songs that everyone will want to sing with, if the mood is right.