October 23rd, 2003

Wonderfalls Flamingos

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On Breast Implants: "The only options are sand- and water-based implants? What about air and fire implants?" Yes Virginia, The Onion works its special, perverted magic again.

Time is now my enemy. I have virtually none of it anymore - moving to 9 hour shifts, with a 30-40 minute (one-way) commute. If you have been able to peek your heads up from current goings-on enough to notice that I'm nowhere to be seen, that's because I'm either here, or at Cam's. I don't know why Cam's - I just kept needing to drop some stuff off, or make a character for his Seventh Seal game (not to be confused with the forthcoming Seven Sons game).

Remember all those times I ever said I was tired? Yeah, well I take them back. This one is winning, by a long shot. And most of the energizing stuff I normally do (hehe, like there ARE such things) is pushed back by the "I NEED FOOD/SLEEP etc." vibe. This is the White Man's Burden, I guess. The lives of thousands of people depend on me not fucking up, but I try to not think about that while I'm crawling, hands and knees, through the weird-ass code I find every day, in various stages of development, growth, and decay.

They're making me use Microsoft Office.

I'm sure you can feel the shudder from here.
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