September 30th, 2003


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There's not much I can do anymore. All I can do is wait, and hope for the best.

Magnatunes. Free music, with none of the guilt. (And I hear they're not evil, either)
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Started/Finished The Invisibles Volume 3 last night - helped Ye Olde Goster of Waffles move yesterday, as well. I hope Gordon's thankful - my back hates him right now.

I spent today browsing and waving my arms frantically to figure out where I needed to go for the drug screening for work. Good old "please fill past this line" thing - which I imagine is 500 times easier for men than women. I then had dinner with ODB and OfthePearl, at Mai Village. I found out how many ways there are to make curry, and became flustered.

I am not easily flustered, in an appreciable sense.

I start the new job tomorrow - all my fears about it will be laid to rest, and replaced by entirely corporeal and touch-sensitive fears in the form of people and conditions. But maybe not. Only time will tell.

Will probably finish Vol's 5 and 6 of Transmet tonight. It's a good week for comic books - and bad week for pretty much everything else.

Contemplating their smoking policy - I wonder if there is a smoking place, and what kind of smokers there be. If there isn't I have patches - just in case. Yeah, I'd be willing to change that to have a real job. And it's probably a good idea, as it stands.

Oh yeah - and a new icon, from a SomethingAwful contest. 5 points to the first house who knows what it's a parody of.

I'm going to bed now.