April 23rd, 2003

Wonderfalls Flamingos

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Today was awesome - I saw a whole bunch of talks, and got a chance to talk with my old professors and classmates. I couldn't have asked for much more. It has also firmly cemented (in my mind) that I need to go to graduate school. For something - I don't know what, yet. I need to be around ideas, and people who want to teach those ideas. More specifically, I want to teach some of those ideas. But - that'll be a long while in coming, so don't hold your breath.

Luckjohn and myself are going to Green Mill tonight, to celebrate the being-done, the last stab of pain, and the hey-hey. We're watching West Wing when we get back. Call if you would like to join.

Emusic Killer? I don't know - but I'm signing up as soon as I get the chance.