April 22nd, 2003

Wonderfalls Flamingos

What does Doc use his day off for?

That's right - Capstones. And lots of `em. I'm spending the whole day in Olin-Rice tomorrow, watching the senior capstone presentations, because my job has been sucking my will to live, breathe, kill . . . for Satan. . . . er, nevermind.

My brain is fully engaged right now, which is a shame, since I have to go to bed soon. I haven't felt this thinking in quite a while. More like a subsistence off of the thoughts and insights of others. Maybe it's time for this thought-vampire/seeker to go to bed and think of dreaming. You know - "No sleep for dreaming", // say the architects of life. 10 points bounty for the reference.

The Tom program has been compiled successfully about 12 different times . . . on paper. I will need to find out some answers on the RSK-insertion chain-matching thingie before I can compile it for real. Test sets are even ready as we speak. This is, of course, mostly in my head - but the trance-like state I've been in really helps.

I've been dreaming again lately - which usually signals some kind of change, imminent and foreboding. Which makes receiving so much easier, I tells ya . . . Yeah. Funny story about Abdi sometime - plain text doesn't do it justice. Ask me to tell it to you - when you have a chance to see you in person. Note the kalishari post today - that's a shout-out to y'all taking/prepping for finals. I thought it was appropriate, coming from King Sh*t Wisdom himself. Yeah - even Solomon knew higher education would take its pound of soul.

Had a really good talk with Mal this evening at Cahoot's - many books will have to be exchanged, many answers have appeared in the cloud of unknowing. Note: The Invisibles, Chaos Magic. Czech.

When I usually remind you that you should see me, I was usually kindof bitter about how I don't see anyone. I am in now way bitter today. I am very at peace with myself - and I miss you. If you have a moment, this next coming week, drop me a line. I'll be dropping some lines myself.