March 5th, 2003


Thoughts upon finishing "A Beautiful Mind"

"By keeping a list of quotations, I often hope to encompass some measure of the world's ambient wisdom, knowledge, and grace. And it is chiefly by this method that I have learned what makes a body of work brilliant - it is the inability to quote it as something pithy, a nebulous quality of the work existing as a loving organism on a plane separate from our own. While a single quotation may have the inherent quality of a heavily distilled liquor, the longer work must be remembered for the power it has over the quotation - in that the longer work is more difficult to quote verbatim, transcribe, or recall to another for the purposes of enlightenment or one-up-man-ship.

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Well, it's very late/early, and now that I realize how much I've actually written in so short (long) a time, I'd better take another nap. But this was a very good experience for me. And since I didn't mention, Sylvia Nasar wrote A Beautiful Mind. Read it sometime if you want to - I thought it was worth reading once. It's just such a great story.