January 24th, 2003

Wonderfalls Flamingos

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So, I've been out and about the past few days - I did a whole bunch of driving (St Paul to Park Falls, Park Falls to Ashland, Ashland to Madison, Madison to St Paul) - all because I needed to pick up my brother and see a psychologist for the ongoing legal case. They're finally putting dollar amounts on our pain and suffering (which is an odd process for everybody but the lawyers, I might add), so they need to see how much of my psychological disorder is directly attributable to the accident itself. Let's just say it was interesting - I had a 3 hour interview, and took two standardized personality tests. I think Luckjohn was not entirely remiss when he suggested that the guy just look on Livejournal - where he could find out everything he ever wanted to know about my personality, and more.

Driving is a pain in the ass - literally. Not to mention all the smoking I did, because I spent about half of my 18 hours of travel time alone - my lungs are not exactly happy about that. Que sera, sera.

While I was home, I watched Trainspotting with my littlest brother, Mike. It's an interesting situation to be in, explaining to a 14-year-old why a film about Scottish heroin addicts is one of your favorite movies. I suggest you try it.

I also watched a bunch more of Hellsing and the first two episodes of Sorceror on the Rocks, courtesy of my brother Patrick. Maybe I'll talk more about those later - let's just say Alucard gives Vash and Spike a run for their money in the "I am a badass anime anti-hero" category.

The apartment is clean - for the first time in too long. Thank goodness.

Anybody who wants a ride to F.U.N.K. tomorrow, better let me know soon.