January 9th, 2003

Wonderfalls Flamingos

Cloudscudding `n' Thoth et al - Inventory List and Whatnot

A trip to Half-price relieved me of about 3 cubic feet of shitty, shitty books, (which are not the ones I'm looking to unload on y'all) and was almost enough to pay for a 2nd ed Lady's book (It's an Automata Theory book, not DnD), The Tao of Objects, On Concurrent Programming, and a damn-near completely new paperback American Gods (which I have already read, but need to own).

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There will probably be more later - I have a box of writing books to go through, gaming stuff to go through (including a near-complete Spelljammer collection), and a bunch of logic books to go through. Damn that took a long time.