December 6th, 2002


Bunch of stuff

So, back from non-internet-having hell. Well, sortof non-internet-having hell. BEGIN-GEEKING -> The box what rocks was having some problems related to libraries that I installed improperly . . . and drivers from The Graphics Card Company Which Shall Not Be Named. So, I figured it was as good a time as any to start up another Gentoo Linux box - and man oh man is it sweet. How sweet, you (xcorvis) ask(s): It's BSD Ports on Linux. It's awesome. Takes forever and a day, but it's so worth it.

Um, now with the not geeking. Started noding in Everything2 recently, as Discoflamingo13. More in another entry - it's been a trip so far, to say the least.

For all you video-game/girl-loving people out in userspace, this is pretty funny. All I can say is - 5th from the right.

Also, I learned today that the Imdb has a bottom 100 films based on user ratings. Check out Manos the Hands of Fate - and notice the surprisingly high number of MST3k movies.

The Real Pot Luck was super-great (and it would have to be, since I don't use words like "super-great" very often). More on that later. Back to watching stuff compile and finishing the re-write of the mid-term for Real, and the poetry critique.

So damn tired . . .
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