November 2nd, 2002

Wonderfalls Flamingos

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Someone called in to the show to request a song. It turns out they just wanted a song played for them, with their name on the radio - they didn't care which. They told me to pick whichever one was my favorite at the time. So I played "Let Your Body Die," by C-Tec.

Julia, whoever you are, I hope you're not horribly, horribly offended.
Wonderfalls Flamingos

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Real Analysis

I have opted to stick it out in Real - I don't know how bad this will be for me overall, but I think I can pull my grades up enough to make this my last semester in school.


My set's shaping out to be pretty good - I have to head over to Devin's to cut sound-bites and lay tracks together, but I think it should all be good.

Off-Campus Living Decoration Tip Of the Day

Votive-sized candles are just a little bigger than the non-shiny middle of a CD. Put your coasters to good use, eh.