October 11th, 2002

Wonderfalls Flamingos

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Sometimes, I hate thinking. Or, more specifically, I hate thoughts. This is why I am still awake. This is why I won't fall asleep until I'm exhausted, and then I won't sleep well. I just need to quiet my thoughts - I need to meditate. Something. Too many ideas all at once. If you've started to notice a pattern in how I don't sleep like a normal human being - good for you! You get an extra point!

Had game tonight - it was game. It was fun to see everybody, but I kept getting the feeling that we're all waiting for something big to happen - this was definitely a "let's see what random encounters can happen between Delhi and Saudi Arabia" kind of adventure. Now that we're at the Saudi border, and can't pass through the holy land until we get a letter of transit, we have more to do than just travel. Travelling is kind of boring, and I think everybody was a little bored, including the GM. That's okay, though. It was fun - because killing things with magic is always fun. You know how it is.

I also talked with the Avatar tonight - for maybe too long. Not too long for me, but too long for my poor brain, which is now full of thoughts, and full of questions, and just, generally, distended with thought. Gorged on thought - as it were. I could go on - but I won't. And the questions don't even make sense, but they do - well, it's kindof strange. Maybe more to(day)morrow.