September 27th, 2002

Wonderfalls Flamingos

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Yesterday I woke up too early, and let my aunt and mom into the apartment, where we promptly moved in two bookcases and moved out Loungeboy's dresser and desk. Then we cleaned (mostly they cleaned, being Midwestern mothers, and made me watch and feel guilty). Then we had lunch, and I drove to Minneapolis for Whiteboy's Oriental Adventures game. Cloudscudding received typewriter paper. Kuroshin Wakari-Hito (my wu-jen/eunuch warlock torturor) got jacked by some gigantic Sarlacc Pit / Shai Hu'lud crossbreed worm thingie that can shit Stinking Cloud®. I damaged three of the party members with area effect spells. Whatever. It wasn't the derivative thing that's driving me up a wall.

Yes, my character has a name - he's not just "that crane torturor guy with no jimmy."
Wonderfalls Flamingos

Today's Dose of Doc-related Trivia

Since I was 13, I've been writing, and studying both psychology and how to be a writer. And when I say studying, I mean studying, not just an idle curiosity played out in momentary flights of fancy. I read the market reviews, the journals, I ordered sample copies from all over the globe, because it was what I wanted to do. In Career Education, I researched two careers: Literary Writer and Clinical Psychologist. Those of you who know me personally know that this is obviously not what I study in school - Mathematics and Computer Science. All of my application materials to Macalester indicate that I wanted to be a poet, not a mathematician / computer scientist.

Every truly serious mathematician I've ever spoken with about the trade has always considered themselves something of a poet. But in their hearts, I think math/cs people are Nockers (gratuitous Changeling reference, I know). Do Nockers write poetry?