September 15th, 2002

Wonderfalls Flamingos

Episode Smarg, in which Doc obsesses about his set.

I'm in the final throes of the death cold - my ears and nose are stuffed, but I don't have to run for a kleenex every few seconds. Yay. On the plus side, my stuffed ears make it easier to avoid the ringing ears I usually get at gamer dances.

I think the set last night went okay - the beginning was horribly weak, given the time I had to get it on disc in three days, and even then, I wish I'd had my own computer to mix it on. Would've saved a lot of people a lot of trouble. Anyway, I stand by my work, regardless of perceived quality.

People seemed to enjoy - even if most of them didn't get the Rated W for Wang title, which I still maintain is appropriate. My plan was to give out a copy to anybody who wanted one - if you want one, ask me in person and I'll lend/give it to you. I spent too much time on it to not just give it away, which may sound odd if you're not into the whole free software thing.

Two things that I came away with last night:
1. People who are scared by the gamers continue to come back - because being scared is fun for them. I overhead a bunch of people in the stairwell who were excited by the prospect of going to a "real hardcore dance," instead of "that stupid rave crap." So, gamers dance well (this means YOU, people!), and are intimidating/scary (which I don't have a quote for, but that was the general impression).
2. I work better under stress - I was too sick to dance, and too tense to do anything but exactly what I wanted to do, except for when people bugged me in the booth, in which case I usually fucked up the lighting what good. Anyway, I needed the tension to do well, and this is something I'll have to remember for the future.

And finally, for everybody who told me I would lose every dancer on the floor with "Bodies" and "Ultra Mega", I say to you - SUCK IT!

I could obsess about this forever, so I will stop now. Have a good day.