August 26th, 2002

Wonderfalls Flamingos

In which Doc consumes media . . .

Twin Cities Arrival Update: Unless somebody wants to come up here and get me, I'm coming back this Saturday.

So, on Saturday, I saw XXX with Hiser and Randy, and despite everything my mind wanted to believe, it was actualy a good action movie - cool lines, cool explosions, and a shoestring plot that doesn't interfere with Vin Diesel kicking ass and taking names. And hey - the first scene is a Rammstein concert (*ahem* Fuck Yeah! *ahem*). And the bastards even used four of my songs from the October set in the first 20 minutes! Bitches!

So then, today, I did practically nothing but eat, walk, smoke, and watch Todd's anime with my brothers. Todd left all his anime with my brother since his parents are, well, crazy, and he knew we'd like them.

So, first thing we watch was the first five episodes of Those Who Hunt Elves, a cute, upbeat series about three modern Japanese people (An army chick with a tank, a talented actress, and a gigantic martial arts guy) who have become lost in an ancient world of sword and sorcery. We never actually see them get transported to this world, but hey, they're there. In attempting to send our fair heroes back to their own world, the gigantic fighter guy keeps distracting the Elf sorceress in charge of the spell; long story short, the spell vanishes off in five different directions, and has (so we are told) split into five different pieces; each piece is now a tattoo on an Elf, somewhere in the world. So, basically, our heroes are hunting for elves in medieval Europe/Japan, in a tank, stripping every elf they run across completely naked in order to find the spell that will bring them home. And no, it's not porn - it's just kindof funny, seeing a 7' fighter walk up to a 5.5' elf and saying, "But if I win the battle, you must remove all of your clothes. I need to go home." For those of you wanting nudity (and shame on you all ;) ), there isn't any actual nudity to speak of. Oh, and the tank runs on "gasoline fruit," since our heros are stuck in an ancient world with a tank. Don't ask questions - it's just stupid funny.

We also watched the first four episodes of Eva (the first time, for my brothers) - I think the reason I like the series so much is because Shinji (also known as "You Fucking Pussy" in MacAnime circles) reminds me a lot of myself - especially his relationship with his father. Maybe I'll write more about that tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'm probably watching Record of Lodoss War - since I have the whole day free and everything. Hey, why not?
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Wonderfalls Flamingos

In which Doc creates media . . .

My dance set for October, short of any samples I want to add, is completely finished. I did sequencing, levels, fade control, and final song cut for the better part of the last two hours/days, when I wasn't watching anime.

I also finished about 4 poems, and I'll put those up here sometime soon.

Doc is proud of his recent creativity surge!
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