February 5th, 2002


I have the POWER

to HALT PRODUCTION on all TEENAGE SEX COMEDIES!!!!!</i> This was one of the random fortunes that /. spits out at the bottom of each page sometimes, and oddly enough, it sounds like something a trashy Bond villian might say. Or Gunn, in "Before I kill you, Mr. Bond," which is a game she likes to play. Whole lotta sleepy, I'll tell you.

Decided not to do a radio show this semester. Too much time, which I don't have. Even now, writing in diary, should be preparing capstone pages for advisor. Writing like PKD in The Man in the High Castle. Japanese in book abandon articles, focus on nouns, verbs, modifiers - less focus on connectives, interjections, particles. Stream of consciousness feeling obtained. Heh, heh, heh, said the Big Bad Wolf. (crew member reattaches wolf fur to dachsund)

Spent a whole lot of time listening to people speaking Japanese yesterday- over at Japan house, in the lab (Slivken and Walters), and at MacAnime. Which brings me to my next point - Shinji, from Evangelion . . . what a fucker. Seriously- I can't but help being pissed off at him and sorry for him all at once. Devin didn't shut up about it, and almost had to be lead out- kindof funny really, how much somebody can yell "pussy" or "fucker" and make it a different insult every time. Heh, heh, heh, said the Big Bad Surrealist Wolf. (Giraffe grip readies two blue giraffes, while Best Boy prepares the melted peanut butter in the bathtub, and Key Grip holds the light bulb)