Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
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Linkensie Die Gamen

Lucasarts employee makes wish come true for nine year old leukemia patient by helping create a chemotherapy shoot-em'up (Original /.) The Manhunt ad is a little disturbing, but this is definitely an excellent example of the healing power of games.

I also enjoyed reading that Carnegie Mellon has a class where students write their own NES games. (Original /., which contains many more cool links, like this one)

<Hagane> I can squeeze through 5 foot gaps in Crimson Skies.
<Michael> Trouble is you can't do that in real life...
<Hagane> Yeah, but it isn't that hard in the game... So it can't be that hard in real life...
<Michael> It's exactly that type of mentality that drives this country forward.

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