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Had a good time at tea last night - now that it is morning. Working on stuff for Fight Club. Need to send e-mail to people (2) from my creative writing class who were interested in going. Had a really good talk with Gunn, too - and now I need to stay alert until I drive Special Guest to his appointment at 10. Expect more posting, because I'm avoiding work.

--- At what point does an mp3 player, on random, decide that it has hit the end? Well, I won't know til I crack the source code open, I guess.

Red potatoes, with salsa and yogurt, are really good. That is all

If you have time, take a look at this Palladium story, which lends a great comment about a very possible future.

  • Fun Fact!

    70% isopropyl alcohol will remove shoe polish from your carpet. It will also make your living room smell like Dean Martin.

  • Aye, The Code!

    The remote code for my hand-me-down Sony receiver is 0158. Not that this is earth-shattering news, but when something takes me three hours to find…

  • Grip Flac encoding commands

    -V -o %m -T TITLE="%n" -T ARTIST="%a" -T ALBUM="%d" -T DATE="%y" -T TRACKNUMBER="%t" %w

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