Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

But I don't LIKE SPAM!

bookend default hildebrand omitting claudio cortland uret...
This seems to be a Schizopolis reference of some kind.

Discoflamingo you couldnt have helped me XvHvi
Even from beyond the grave, Spam will continue to come.

find other singles ashame ...cutthroat
Obviously playing up to some kind of pirate fetish.

find the right one ascension ...colon
Nope. No idea.

all good things freethink necrosis swan envy escapee ...
So, I'm all covetous of a dead communist swan who made it out of prison. Erm . . . nm.

turn it over to him indonesia
Outsourcing maybe? Outsourcing Christian singles in my area, perhaps?

Don't push this magic button
Oh! But I want to now what it does! When am I ever going to be here again?

Enjoy your love life as much as he does
Ooh - burn!

Re: AQFOD, aforementioned living space
WTF does "AQFOD" mean? I know I haven't been keeping up on my acronyms, but this is ricockulous.

Explore VIP Super Viagr4a! A wassails flyblew blazes.
It's either a Christmas thing or an anime thing or a DoD thing. Or all of those things.

Find those who don't want to be found
Coming up next - Find those who wander but are not lost.

great prescriiption by us pharmacy ordinate
Great! Now the Catholic Church is getting in on this game . . .

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