Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

When /. Articles Attack!

From the "seriously, what the fuck?" department - New Mexico wants mandatory breathalyzer ignition interlocks by 2008(9 for used cars). Because even after the Patriot Act, our personal safety and privacy in the name of "order and freeedom from fear" has not been beaten savagely enough. I managed to slow down my agitated heart rate only by attaining a zen-like trance as taught me by "Master Ninja" Lee Van Cleef.

Simply put, this man is a genius who wants to make the world a better place - A doctoral candidate from MIT has developed a way to manufacture  eyeglasses cheaply, quickly, and requiring only items available in most Western homes. His goal in inventing the machine is to make glasses for the developing world at prices that everyone can afford.

But for every massive step forward, for every titanic  advance in humanity and science, there will always be the squirrelly/gnomish guy in the corner who invents  hamster-controlled MIDI.

That's right - hamster-controlled MIDI.

I'm fairly confident that this is a sign of the end-times - or that our world is slowly becoming Dragonlance fan-fic.

(The crazier part of the story is this guy who wanted to do it with ferrets)

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