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Got check from Minnesota for money they owed me. Double plus good.

Mom and her best friend Chris were in town earlier from Park Falls, so we had lunch at Ciatti's, so I could tell everyone about my standardized test grading days with DRC. It was plus meh - seeing Mom is always good, and Chris is a very nice lady, but could only hang out for an hour. Plus meh.

Just got back from seeing Reign of Fire with Xcorvis. It is double-plus meh. If you only see one movie this week about Londoners and Kentuckians killing dragons 12 years in the future, this is about the only one you could see. Definitely matinee fodder of the highest caliber.

Okay - these three things have to happen before I see anybody again-

  1. All the files from the Tibook make it onto my current computer.

  2. Burning software on current computer works.

  3. Firewall on cuttent computer withstands SARA at "crash-NT" level.

Then I can sleep . . . yeah, like I wasn't sleeping almost all day yesterday . . . pfft . . .
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