Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus


Total list of things that need fixing right now:

- My desktop (no video, sound, or other signs of life - probably needs internal tweaking, or the motherboard just shot everything. So it goes.)
- My laptop (won't accept CD's, and I should probably try to sell it once it's fixed - I'm no longer the fan of OS X I once was.)
- My car (burns coolant, leaks oil badly, and windshield cleaning fluid sprayer is still broken. Needs an engine tune-up, chassis lube, alignment, and general check-up/preventative maintenance.)
- My TV (which died sometime yesterday - the entire screen is covered in lightning-like white streaks, and it can't be adjusted manually. Also needs to be recycled, along with other computer parts lying around)
- Window in front room, handle for which is still broken (Thanks, roomie - will have to call Kleinman about getting it fixed)

General To-do
- [*] Schedule appt. to see a dentist
- [*] Pick up my palm pilot from FedEx tonight.
- [ ] Pay off loans for laptop[ ], credit card[ ]
- Find my copies of Watchmen[ ], Akira Vol.II[ ], my Spelljammer core books[ ], and my C library reference [ ]
- [ ] Bother somebody to get my Programming Languages book back from Kaki (who has had it for several years now)
- Finish reading/return books on loan from others
- Find out who has books/CD's on loan from me
- [ ] Get books/CD's ready to sell or give away
- [ ] Get dry-cleaning done, some time in the future
- Consolidate numbers and addresses
- [ ] Get the mic/amp setup working so I can
- [?] Finish the set from November (fucking a)
- [?] Finish capstone
- Quit smoking (still proceeding well)
- [ ] Figure out what to do with the little pre-Pentium I have sitting in my room
- [?] Define and work on extant Master plans
- [ ] Deal with the school loan people
- [ ] Do my taxes
- [ ] Get my cell phone battery replaced (working on the same battery for two years is wearing thin)
- [ ] Make those Bawls bottles into other things, or recycle them if the bottle-cutting thing doesn't work
- [ ] Convert my character sheets/info into something easier to carry/read (Oriental Adventures[ ], Seventh Seal[ ])
- Work on becoming a better person, since I've been awful lately
- Avoid birthday, Valentine's Day
- Write letters to kids in Japan, and people abroad
- Finish finding the things that need to get done
- Get Eye exam[*], new glasses[?] - check Graf Optical - appt. scheduled for March 3, 6:30 PM
- Added 1:21 - Get a physical
- Added 1:25 - [*] Get a hair cut. I'm shaggy. Hair is cut.

I should note - suggestions are welcome.

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