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24 January 2004 @ 12:20 pm
Dreams A La Mortal Kombat and Kung Fu Chaos  
I had the dream again, where I have to assemble a group of ordinary people to fight the forces of darkness in a laundromat in Eau Claire. This time, I managed to convince Steve Buscemi to come and fight with his "dope-ass Monkey God style". When I walked into the laundromat, he was in a black and white suit (a la Things to Do in Denver); he asked to change, and came back in saffron robes with fringe-covered beads that dripped green poison. His eyes started glowing red, he said "For the sake of Monkey!", and began fighting the NES-style monsters that always show up about that time.

I never get used to this dream, because it usually happens after the dream where I have to join a group of people killing hostile aliens. No change last night.

Her eyes are staring at me
Empty as the sky
In this moment of tranquility
I realize that this is 'goodbye'
ninja in the shadows: samuraijack-toughseiryu_16 on January 24th, 2004 11:53 am (UTC)
At least you had a TEAM of people. In my dream, I went from being a mutant, to being behind the scenes of the new X-Men movie, to Josiah and I running out of a house of demons and me guiding him to safetly, then me running back through the house with a whole bunch of angry demonic people following me. I started laughing and yelled "unless you're a master ninja like I am, you'll NEVER catch me!" and then I jumped out the third story window (and suddenly it was a house facing Summit Ave.), and did the gesture that Spiderman does when he's going to THWIP webbing, only I shot a grappling hook out of some kind of device I had on both arms, and made it up into a big tree. By jumping from tree to tree via the Spiderman method, I continued down what seemed to be Summit a ways until I came upon a field that looked suspiciously like Ramsey Jr. High's field.

I leapt into it, ready to do battle - because an evil sect of people in this town was determined to turn the whole town into demons by releasing a bunch of zombies, and telling the people to kill them in order to gain phenomenal powers. I started trying to kill the zombies before the people could get to them, and yelled something like "If you kill the zombies with a desire for power in your heart, they will corrupt you and turn you into a demon!" People not only ignored me, they started attacking me, so I leapt about 40 feet into the air to land on a set of nearby bleachers (which actually faced AWAY from the field). Some random gawky tall guy who was standing there said "hey, it's not so bad being demonic, if you get all sorts of cool powers!" Then I turned all crazy-vampiric and bit him on the neck, draining just enough blood to freak him out and incapacitate him, and yelled "If you people don't listen to what I'm saying, and you all turn into demons, I'll kill every one of you if I have to!"

And then I woke up. And thought "Whoa, that was TOTALLY FUCKED." The end.

I wish I had a bad ass Steve Buschemi in my dream. He'd have really been able to help me out.
Hoc Est Qui Sumusdiscoflamingo on January 24th, 2004 06:24 pm (UTC)
You know, you could post this in your own journal. It's too cool for mine.

Shit, I just get Steve Buscemi - I don't get to be a ninja master and whip out dope-ass shit at the drop of a hat.
ninja in the shadows: maxseiryu_16 on January 24th, 2004 09:37 pm (UTC)
Wellll... I kind of considered posting it there (but the phrase "too cool for mine" makes no sense to me, Doc m'dear!), but I didn't want to update over the important entry regarding Maurielle and her situation with a fucked-up dream I had in which I killed demons and bit people on the neck. Although the Spidermanic jumping from tree-to-tree along Summit was FUN.

I'd have loved having Steve Buschemi in a dream. Shit, the only guest stars in my dreams lately have been Josiah and Auron, and while the former is nice, the latter leaves me feeling vaguely uncomfortable, what with the thinking about why fictional animated characters are showing up in my dreams - even though the situations are of the utmost innocence (well, they usually just involve kicking whole messes of ass) - and what that might mean about me. So yeah.

Consider it your influx of crazy for the day. Hee.