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New Year's MLP

I was planning on doing some kind of year-end round-up to ring in the new year. I don't think that's a good idea anymore - the more I think about last year, the more I wish I had it back to do over again. So I'm not going to go back there.

But I have a couple things for y'all to peruse, if you wish -

freethinking - About as much signal-to-noise as atheist. In other words, no signal, lots of noise. Lots of people acting superior in ways that make fundies look humble. If you enjoy a good laugh, check it out.

This article by Dave Barry, which sums up my feelings about the exterior events of last year pretty well. My favorite line would be:

Palestinian and Israeli leaders finally recover the Road Map to Peace, only to discover that, while they were looking for it, the Lug Nuts of Mutual Interest came off the Front Left Wheel of Accommodation, causing the Sport Utility Vehicle of Progress to crash into the Ditch of Despair.

I Used to Believe in the Rapture, And All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt

There needs to be a man page for females.

From fluke, micro-gravity porn nominated for Nebula award.

He's dead, Jim. You grab his wallet, I'll grab his tricorder.

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