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I hate adding other people's HTML to things, and the result is Oh-So-Shocking (TM), but here goes:

SimilarMinds.com Compatibility Test

Your match with gunn
you are 98% similar
you are 98% complimentary

How Compatible are You with me?

I am home for a while until Pat is graduated from high school, when I will immediately take off to St Paul to be in bed (which is to say on the floor) in time to go to my first day of work at DRC, where I will exchange time and brainpower for money by grading story problems on standardized tests. I am, I think, the seventh person I know who works there. It used to be a joke but now it's just kindof sad.

I'm on Internet blackout (unless I'm over at Mal and Alan's) until about whenever our new DSL person (Visi) gets to it. Until recently, the entire apartment was on every kind of blackout because the former tenants (who know who we are, and are in fact, friends with one of us) opted to call everybody up and shut every goddamn utility in the whole fucking apartment off rather than call people up and change whose name it was under. Right bunch of fucking bastards, them. And every plug in the whole apartment (except in Jumana and Erik's rooms) is this fucked-up four prong affair. Guess who's making a trip to Ace?

I drove into Park Falls early this morning (Thursday) after a split-decision to go to it when I heard there was a thunderstorm coming through this part of the Midwest. There was, and the entire trip was a semi-legal 70 mph, until the last half hour, which was 40 in the worst rain and lightning I've seen in years.

In other news, drinking your dad's beer while you surf the web on his computer is fun.

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