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Now is not a good time-

for anything. I've spent the past week doing too much crap, moving too much crap. My nose is peeling like an orange from the commencement sun. I don't have a job, I'm at home in WIsconsin again (how do you make an emoticon for fuck you world!?), and the only way for me to access the internet is from dad's Winblowz ME machine. All of my keybindings are broken in Windows- any idea what it's like to sit down at a computer and be afraid to do anything fancy, in case you lose eveything you've been doing?

I thought only my grandma did that.

Depressed, again. Did NOT like AotC very much (agreeing more and more every day that Lucas is a hack), and nobody is around. No permanent residence yet, must scrape together money by selling things / begging parents in order to move into new place.

I realized yesterday that I have no shame. Not that it's impossible to embarass me - rather that I have no shame.

Quitting smoking didn't work, again. I need a job before I can do it and have it work. Was able to drive to St Paul and back from Park Falls without nervous breakdown. Plus.

Feel lonely in a crowd. Honesty accomplishes nothing in a world of deceit, so nobody believes me. Have not lied in a while, I think. Feel lonely by myself. Whoever she is (pick one), she doesn't care.

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