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"Repetition is a form of change"

This is one of the lines I've seen in people's Slashdot/Kuro5hin entries today that could just as easily be an entry in somebody's fortunes file; another is "I'm perfectly comfortable with the knowledge that my ego could shelter a small town from the rain.".

For a little fun Sunday reading: Why do the Usians hate the French so? or Guide to Eating on a Shoestring Budget. These could alternately be titled "You are more arrogant than me" and "When Geeks Meet Kitchens."


  • Fun Fact!

    70% isopropyl alcohol will remove shoe polish from your carpet. It will also make your living room smell like Dean Martin.

  • Aye, The Code!

    The remote code for my hand-me-down Sony receiver is 0158. Not that this is earth-shattering news, but when something takes me three hours to find…

  • Grip Flac encoding commands

    -V -o %m -T TITLE="%n" -T ARTIST="%a" -T ALBUM="%d" -T DATE="%y" -T TRACKNUMBER="%t" %w

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