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The Dance

Yeah - it was really, really good. I danced (which I normally never do, given my pathetic white-boy style of dancing), and I'm still paying for it now. There's nothing bad to be said about it - I could nit-pick, but who gives a flying fuck about that?

The problem I have with it? It was too good. Thanks, y'all - now every dance from here to the end of eternity is gonna suck by comparison. You've done us a great service. (I'm still gonna buy it - that doesn't mean I don't like your perfection any less)

I was in a weird way the whole time - that hasn't changed at all. Still in a weird way.

Conjure One and Delerium

Bear in mind - this is the first "professional concert" I've been to since Lilith Fair in 1998. And I'd never been to "The Quest" before - which Mal reminded me was disconcerting that it was not called "The Qwest". I hate those fuckers.

There are two songs I "know" know by Conjure One. They played both of them, and three more - don't get wrong, "Tears from the Moon" and "Center of the Sun" are two of the best songs ever.


I was just a little disappointed that they cut out 20 minutes early to do something on stage before Delerium was ready. It's not like they play different instruments, really - and most of Delerium's stuff was already on stage. What the hell?

And Delerium? How good were they? One sentence - "My roommate danced his ass off" They played their usual, "I hope Delerium plays this" tracks - if you've ever listened to Delerium, you know what they are. ("Flowers Become Screens", "Silence", etc.) They had music video-esque stuff happening on tv's and a big screen. The singers are still way too hot, and way too good as vocalists - diva-like, even, without the nasty primadonna crust around the edges. I just wish the one hadn't thanked us from the bottom of her heart after every song - it was a little much.

The Quest is not a place to go if you don't want to see happy little Goth couples, either. But the belly-dancers and the pseudo-lesbians were awful fun. From a distance, anyway.

I didn't dance - I swayed for about 20 minutes, and had to sit down. I'm like that.

And I'm done with Season 3 of Buffy now. While I didn't enjoy the ending as much as Season 2, I think that's because I found nothing about how "Graduation Day" was postponed because of the Columbine shooting. I could look for more on the Internet, but I'm too tired right now.

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